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Best uncommons in OTJ draft

Best uncommons in OTJ draft

Let’s continue our review of the set with the uncommons.

Bovine Intervention

Came for the pun. Stayed for the removal.

Better to give them a bear(ox) than a real threat.

Requisition Raid

Put a +1/+1 counter on all your creatures for 2 mana is already good. The other effects make this way more versatile.

This is how a good spree card should look like.

Shepherd of the Clouds

A bulky flying threat that can grant you a card or resurrect a mount.

Can swing the game in your favor for 5 mana.

Lassoed by the Law

Your typical white 4 mana enchantment based exile effect.

Now with more bodies!

  • Bounding Felidar a big cat mount, works very well as a top end in a go wide deck.
  • Prairie Dog in the right deck, with a lot of plot cards, can become huge.
  • Thunder Lasso can lead to some pretty ugly situations for your opponents.

Outlaw Stitcher

Two bodies for one. And the zombie can get pretty big.

A nice threat even if you can’t grow the zombie too much.

This Town Ain't Big Enough

Can do all sort of degenerate things, even if a little niche.

A really nice tempo play.

Marauding Sphinx

Your oppponent will have a real hard time dealing with this.

Ward on a bulky flying body, with the nice bonus of card filtering.

  • Slickshot Lockpicker our Snapcaster Mage at home.
  • Emergent Haunting pretty easy to flip, and a 3/3 with fly for 2 is always good.
  • Metamorphic Blast removal and card draw in one.

Blood Hustler

Can grow out of control really fast and has a relevant type. Lategame it become a good mana sink.

The awesome thing is that it enables itself.

Shoot the Sheriff

Cheap instant removal, even if a little limited in this format.

Also great flavour text.

Unscrupulous Contractor

Sacrifice a dork and get 2 card and a body. Good trade.

Awesome with mercenary tokens.

  • Rakish Crew can become terrific in the right deck.
  • Rattleback Apothecary is another crime payoff.
  • Rictus Robber has good value when played at the right moment.

Scorching Shot

Five mana kills everything.

Good even at sorcery speed.

Longhorn Sharpshooter

Shock on a stick with ok stats.

Also synergies well with a lot of strategies.

Scalestorm Summoner

Can generate a lot of value if enabled and left unchecked.

Really good in a gruul shell.

  • Brimstone Roundup is a nice payoff if you are double spelling.
  • Caught in the Crossfire an instant mini wrath with a little of selection.
  • Hellspur Brute can come down way ahead of curve.

Trash the Town

Every option on this card can be useful, if you can use all of them is just great.

One of the best modal cards of the set!

Outcaster Greenblade

It replace itself when played and can become insanely big in a deck with a lot of deserts.

Aloe Alchemist

Has already great stats for 2 mana. The trample is the icing on the cake.

If you can also plot it, it become insanely good.

  • Beastbond Outcaster is a nice body that can replace itself.
  • Intrepid Stablemaster a mana dork with reach, really good in a mount deck.
  • Spinewoods Armadillo grab a land and gain life early game or put a giant, hard to deal with threat on the board lategame.

At Knifepoint

Great auto enabler. Pump a token each turn and pimp your outlaws.

Doc Aurlock, Grizzled Genius

Not only it has good stats for his cost, it also become crazy good if you are plotting something nasty.

Honest Rutstein

Replace itself and reduce the cost of every other creature you play. You can’t ask for more.

Intimidation Campaign

If you are playing the long run game, this card can pump out a lot of value!

Lazav, Familiar Stranger

So good is almost broken. Bulky dude that grows to sky (the effect is not limited to once per turn).

Kraum, Violent Cacophony

Double spell and draw to double spell again the next turn. Than beat hard in the sky.

Miriam, Herd Whisperer

Cheap and really good if you can draft a lot of vehicles.

  • Ertha Jo, Frontier Mentor buff up your mercenaries triggers, the first one is free.
  • Jolene, Plundering Pugilist has good stats and it counts itself for the ability.
  • Wrangler of the Damned if you can reliably trigger it, it will win you games.
  • Slick Sequence shock and draw, good in a double spell shell.
  • Ruthless Lawbringer exchange a creature you don't need for anything you want to kill.
Sam T. Crow