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Best rares and mythics in OTJ draft

Best rares and mythics in OTJ draft

The last part of our set review.

Archangel of Tithes

A great tax effect on an overstatted body for its cost.

Cast it on 4, and if your opponent doesn’t have a removal ready is probably game.

Aven Interrupter

Just a fantstic tempo play.

Dust Animus

A 2/3 flying for two is already a card i would play.

A 4/5 flying for two is almost broken.

Final Showdown

Here’s your typical instant speed wrath that can also save one of your dude.

Can single handedly turn the tide of the game in your favor.

Double Down

If you are already in outlaws it straight up double all your spell. Bonkers.

Geralf, the Fleshwright

Go out of control really fast, just keep double spelling and enjoy the value.

Jace Reawakened

Nice card filtering and hard to deal with.

Stoic Sphinx

A big flying boy with protection that put your opponent on a 4 turn clock.

Caustic Bronco

A snake horse that will draw you a card every time it attacks, but become even better if saddled.

A little worse Dark Confidant.

Gisa, the Hellraiser

Miss Gisa is an absolute beast. She will full your board in no time with an army of menacing buffed zombie and she also have protection.

The zombie are also outlaws so enjoy the sinergy.

Vadmir, New Blood

Talking about crime payoff. Start as a bear but become fast a nightmare.

Calamity, Galloping Inferno

Calamity is the right name for this one. When it comes down hell followed with it.

If you manage to also copy a creature with a good etb effect you will hear your opponents cry in pain.

Magda, the Hoardmaster

Spit out a treasure for every crime and turn them in nice flying hasted 4/4.

A must remove if it comes down on curve.

Stingerback Terror

Talking about overstatted creatures. You can plot it early and cast it lategame when your hand is empty for a world of pain.

Terror of the Peaks

It comes back to strike fear in your opponents. Untap with it and it’s game over.

Bristly Bill, Spine Sower

Get something out of all your lands drops! Can’t ask more from a bear.

Colossal Rattlewurm

It’s already great as a 6/5 trampler for 4 mana. It’s way beyond great if it can replace itself.

Ornery Tumblewagg

Let’s ride the brushwagg and make your others creatures really happy!

Railway Brawler

Your friendly rhynobro is not only dungerous, but it will also double the power of his less dungerous friends.

Live dangerously.

Laughing Jasper Flint

It counts as an outlaw and will keep to pump card advantage until is dealt with.

Rakdos, the Muscle

Not only he’s huge but it also protect himself while giving you cards to play. A real nightmare.

Roxanne, Starfall Savant

The purrfect kitten package, with removal and mana ramp included.

Seraphic Steed

Ready to make your personal army of angels? Start as early as turn three.

Bonny Pall, Clearcutter

An absolute best. Two giant bodies, card draw and a little ramp.

Everything you could possibly want from a magic card is here.

Oko, the Ringleader

It’s not overtuned like the old Oko but it’s still a good planeswalker with protection included.

And there you have it, fellow duelists!

As the dust settles in Thunder Junction, we’ve laid out our cards on the table.

Remember, this tier list is as unpredictable as a tumbleweed caught in a cyclone—what’s top-tier today might be yesterday’s news tomorrow.

So keep your wits sharp, your spells primed, and your boots dusty.

Whether you’re a law-abiding sheriff or a notorious outlaw, the showdowns await, and the magic runs wild.

Ride off into the sunset, and may your draws be ever in your favor! 🌵🔥🤠

Sam T. Crow