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Best commons in OTJ draft

Best commons in OTJ draft

Ladies and gentlemen, gather ‘round as I unveil the mystical world of Outlaws of Thunder Junction! 🌵🔥

Welcome to the wild, untamed frontier plane of Thunder Junction, where the sun blazes hotter than a dragon’s breath, and the stakes are higher than a gambler’s debt.

In this first-ever Western-themed Magic set, you’ll ride alongside bandits, plot daring heists, and face off against mystical creatures that’ll make your spurs jingle with excitement.

Now, let’s start with the list of the best common you can find and draft in this rowdy set!

Mystical Tether

Your premium white removal with the added bonus of flash if you really need it.

If you are in white, you probably want some of these.

Holy Cow

Flash, flying, life gain and card filtering on a card with most epic name ever.

Pretty solid for 3 mana.

Outlaw Medic

Lifelink on a bulk two drop is already pretty good. If that two drop also replace himself is awesome.

A great blocker in almost every deck.

  • Take Up the Shield was great in Dominaria and is still great here.
  • Bridled Bighorn a nice four drop that can pump out bodies.

Phantom Interference

A better and more versatile Quench , enough said.

Stop Cold

Your typical four mana blue removal spell.

The flash part can become quite useful in the right deck.

Take the Fall

Not only that bad boy is a great combat trick, but it also replace itself.

Great value for only one mana.

  • Razzle-Dazzler in the right deck can grow out of control and close the game for you.
  • Loan Shark is a shark. Sharks are awesome, more so if you double spell.
  • Geyser Drake nice statted flying threat with an upside.

Desert's Due

Early interaction that can scale with your deserts.

Cheap removal are always good to have.


This little combat trick is subtley powerfull and can lead to funny 2 for 1.

Can do a lot of work for just one mana.

Vault Plunderer

We all love Phyrexian Rager, and that’s the same.

A threat that can replace itself is always a good pick.

  • Consuming Ashes your typical 4 mana exile a creature. Good removal.
  • Rooftop Assassin the manticore effect is nothing special, but it's a flying threat with lifelink and a relevant type.

Explosive Derailment

For three mana you can kill almost anything relevant in the format.

The artifact part is a nice bonus.

Irascible Wolverine

Don’t fuck with this wolverine.

It can also replace itself.

Prickly Pair

Two bodies with a relevant type in one.

Can’t go wrong with this.

  • Deadeye Duelist committing a crime for 1 every turn can become quite useful in the right deck.
  • Thunder Salvo cheap removal that can scale.
  • Reckless Lackey just a nice one drop that can replace itself if it survive.

Throw from the Saddle

Nice removal that leave beside a counter if you are on mounts.

A must pick if you are in green.

Giant Beaver

It’s a giant beaver.

It’s also a mount that pump the creature that saddled it. And it’s a giant beaver.

Hardbristle Bandit

A mana dork that can double dip if you are into committing crimes.

Mana fixing on a stick.

  • Snakeskin veil reprint of a good protection spell.
  • Ankle Biter deathtouch is always good on a expandable one drop.
  • Spinewoods Paladin just a big boy that grants you life.

Oasis Gardener

Fix your mana with a nice upside.

Sam T. Crow